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A Printmaking Experience


When I originally photographed this image on I was attracted to it’s formal qualities. Being that the image is a Crip gang tag I thought if I had printed it with ink loaded with graphite powder, whoever had a print could smudge, alter and even erase the image to make it their own. During printing I realized that the dried prints were barely able to smudge and as each time I inspected the image again and again it started to affect me. Here is someone in my neighborhood who has joined a blue gang with the intent of killing the red gang. The desperation of ganglife and association started to go through my head, having experience with it myself. Youths so similar to each other yet becoming enemies. I had to intervene. I started to print badly on purpose. The silkscreen became oversaturated with ink and the resulting image went from Crip graffiti to something more universal and inspiring.


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