Soner Ön » A Pigeon to The Phoenix
A Pigeon to The Phoenix

A Pigeon to The Phoenix
Soner Ön, 2011
5.25 x 6.75″, 12 pgs
Laser printed
Edition of 50


This project is an attempt at making the action of looking through a zine a spiritual experience. The book begins with photos from my native neighborhood and “break out” mentally via photos from cartoons of my childhood. As a kid, my best way to escape.

The title is taken from a two part song project in which rapper duo Cannibal Ox off of their debut album The Cold Vein (Def Jux 2001) had a concept with the two last songs. The first song “Pigeon” deals with the realities of being an inhabitant in a poor urban setting, where the following song “Scream Phoenix” is an attempt at mental elevation beyond the circumstances given. The songs give me great inspiration as the familiarity of being a “Pigeon”, poor, living in a hopeless environment with the only choice to try and mentally empower oneself to “Scream Phoenix”.


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